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Establishes Order of Play
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Easy To Carry
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Toss between center of group
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Toss to determine order
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Teetoss corners indicate player order



Become a Teetoss Social Sales Representative

Do you know someone with their own business or brand? Perhaps you have contacts that hold their corporate golf tournaments on an annual basis and are on the lookout for a unique but practical everyday golf tool that puts their logo front and centre… ALWAYS!

The process is simple. You receive 10% of all sales driven by you. i.e. If your golf club’s Teetoss invoice comes to $2,000, you’ll receive $200 for starting the sale. If you start a sale from Coca-Cola and their invoice is $20,000, you’ll receive $2,000.

Please fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with you on your interest to become a Teetoss Social Sales Representative.

We can also be contaced by phone or email provided on this page.

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